Attackers are continually looking for new and innovative ways to infiltrate an organization’s systems. They have come up with another threat, which is to include fake text files that can load malware on computers. Savvy users can be tricked into running malicious attachment. Having antivirus software can detect some malicious executables but not all.

Notepad and RTLO

Attackers are now using Notepad icons with Right-to-Left-Override, also known as RTLO to trick users into opening malicious attachments with a Unicode character that informs Windows operating systems to switch letters from left to right.

RTLO Fake Text Files — TitanHQ

Cybersecurity Experts can be Tricked

Even cybersecurity experts can be tricked into falling for the RTLO attack, unless they view the attachment file’s name. Generally users rely on icons shown in the client email when opening attachments and do not review the file name and are unaware of RTLO attacks and Unicode characters.

Phishing and Ransomware

Generally in phishing campaigns the attachment file is usually an executable or Microsoft Office Document however, in the attack the files extension is seen as a harmless txt under a really malicious exe.

Security Solutions

Getting the best email security solution will provide, through artificial intelligence, the opportunity to detect and quarantine malicious files reaching the users inbox. This allows the administrator of the organization to review and determine whether the file is a malicious attack, before flagging it as safe and forwarding it on to the recipient.

  1. Provide users with examples of what a malicious attack can do
  2. Add cybersecurity multi layer protection

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